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Kidnapped, a Testimony
Fatal Car Accident of my Daughter, Anna Berry
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Mama's Homes are up and running
Christmas Treasure for Tots and Teens Outreach 2007
A Page From Her Life Story-Malawi Central Africa
Food Outreach "South Africa"
Children's Circus 06_Outreach

Children's Christmas Outreach Joberb 2006
Children's Outreach - Dec. 3, 2005 South Africa
Children's School Outreach to Circus Dec. 9, 2005

The Theater Outreach

Kings for A Day Outreach
Elephant and Lion Fun in Africa

Leper Colony

Project Philip
Treasures for Tots & Teens-In Memory of Anna Berry
Adult Educational Project
Zimbabwe food outreach
Anna's Closet "For Clothing"
Elijah's Barrel
Widow's Mite  

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Ground Zero "Article being updated"
Street Ministry in Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa Villages
Rose Parade
South Africa - the Streets
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Sondra with a Lion cub
Sondra with a Lion cub

Sondra's Motto to live by

Always remember what John Wesley said,
Do all the GOOD you can
By all the Means you can
In all the Ways you can
In all the Places you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can..

1) Generator for South Africa outreach center$6000
2) Neat Receipts Soft ward for computer $125
3) Sponsorships for the Children's Homes - MAMA's Houses. $150 a month for each house. Plus financial gifts to buy Christmas things for children. $25 SPONSORS a Child at Christmas 
4) Airline Ticket for South Africa - $1600
5) Sponsors for Lap Tops for Pastors $450 each
6) Frequent Flyer Milage donations
7) Your Pastors Tapes & CD's & DVD's and donated books and Bibles to hand out.        
8) BACK PACKS FOR KIDS IN SA  $15 and  school supplies $5 per child.
9) Athletic Equipment for School in South Africa -  see http://www.sondraberryyoung.org/outreach/
10) 4 Trucks:  (2) for Orphanages and  (1) for    Outreach Center and (1) for school of 400     children at $10,000 each.


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