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About Sondra

      Sondra Berry Young has an international ministry which has taken her into 20 countries. Her central focus of Evangelism and Teaching Ministry has been the United States and Africa. Her burden for Africa continually takes her across the sea.Now more primarily in South Africa.

    Sondra was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and healed through the ministry of a South African Evangelist, Hymie Rubenstein, in 1972. Her hearts desire has been to go back to the Nation which brought her the saving knowledge of Christ and help its people in anyway she can.

     She has lived in South Africa since 1987 and currently has a PRAYER and OUTREACH CENTER in Johannesburg where people come and are ministered to from many different spheres of influence.

    In South Africa she has not only been speaking and ministering in churches but has been out on the streets of Johannesburg working along side of street teams for many years.  They have seen as many as 150-250+ people come to Christ in one day on streets. She with the help of her friends and partners have sent through their ministry over 3 million Gospel tracts into South Africa for distribution throughout the Nation.

         Sondra has many projects going on in the country of South Africa. 20 tons of canned salmon were sent into the country and distributed to various churches, organizations and 70 soup kitchens she has sent into the country containers of clothes, and toys and thousands of books, bibles and tapes. All given free of charge. Her TREASURE FOR TOTS AND TEENS PROGRAM has seen more then 10,000 toys given out at each Christmas to various charities and orphanages and outreach centers. These have gone to children in poverty situations, children in aides hospital, and many churches in squatter camps and townships who would of never received anything had it not been given to them through this outreach. (see all projects listed on main page of site)

    Sondra was presented with the Flame Award & Trophy for Woman Evangelist of 1987 honorable mention. As a woman she has reached out to Pastors Wives and Women in Ministry and held monthly meetings for them for almost 4 years before doing more extensive ministry in South Africa. She was listed in WHO'S WHO IN WOMEN IN MINISTRY as a noted Evangelist and Bible Teacher.

    Among the many evangelistic outreaches Sondra attends, she has coordinated over 100 churches for over 20 years in an outreach to the Tournament of Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA. The parade draws an annual 1 1/2 million people yearly. She has had up to 1500 people on the streets in teams sharing the love of Christ. Obtaining more than 750,000 pieces of gospel literature for a single outreach.

    She first started witnessing by using her phone book and calling people up one by one, then started going door to door sharing Christ. Later it was in front of markets, then city to city, town to town, state to state and now the world.

    She has shared her testimony on National and International programs such as the 700 Club, TBN, The California Tonight Show and even on secular television and radio. She has had in the past her own radio program and shared on many others her testimony of how God saved her life after being kidnapped and almost murdered.

    She teaches and ministers at Conferences, Conventions, Retreats, Bible Studies and Churches throughout the USA and foreign field. She also has a Visual Slide Show to show outreaches across the USA and foreign field and teach hands on Evangelism.

    Sondra was raised in a congregational church in her youth, but later became a teenage runaway. Later she heard the gospel for the first time at a Full Gospel Business Men's Meeting and committed her life to Christ. She later attended Bible school at Life Bible School in Los Angeles, then finished her training at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is currently an Ordained Minister through FAITH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL in Tulsa, Oklahoma founded by Dr. Doyle Harrison (AKA Buddy Harrison) and wife, Pat Harrison.

    Sondra easily identifies with the hurting, bruised and lost and has a great burden to bring them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She often shares her testimony of how she forgave the men who kidnapped, raped, and almost murdered her and how people must forgive one another no matter what happens if they are going to go on and live a productive life. She lost her 20 year old daughter in 1992, who went home to be with Jesus after a terrible car accident. She shares a message of hope through Jesus Christ our Living Savior, the healer of broken hearts. 


Evangelist Hymie Rubenstien, a South African Born Again Jew,
prayed with Sondra to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior while
evangelizing in America.

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