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Rose Parade Tract

Below is the actual tract graphic and text from a Rose Parade Evangelism Event 
Actual Tract Graphic       HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We've been praying for you!!! We know that with all the uncertainty of what lies ahead - loss of jobs and wage roll backs, insurance increases, violent crime, and killer viruses - you may feel insecure or fearful of just what the future holds for your life in these "last days" when perilous times of great stress and trouble will come. - 2 Timothy 3:1. 
   Despite all the news on TV and in today's newspaper, I've got some good news for you!!! We've been praying for you!! You see, there is one thing you can be sure about, and that is the person who holds your future. You see, you may not know what the future holds, but you can know the one who holds your future!!! 

   Once I heard a little saying that goes like this - God sends people into your life to help fulfill His plan and purpose for your future - YOUR DESTINY IN LIFE.  God wants to bring out the best in you - His talents, His abilities.  The evil one - the devil - sends people into your life to fulfill his plan and purpose for your life. His destiny is to bring out the worst in your life - divorce, drugs, drinking, and lifelong habits that in the end will destroy your life and the life of your family. 

   You can start the new year out right by knowing who holds your future... By asking JESUS into your heart, and asking him to forgive you of all known sin.  He will come to live with you and become your best friend and walk with you through troubled times.  You will never be alone again and he will be your constant companion.  He can set you free to become all that you were ever meant to be. 

   Just pray this prayer and start the New Year Right by giving Jesus your heart. 

   "Dear God, I want to know Jesus as my best friend, as my Lord and savior. I want to fulfill your destiny for my life - your plan and purposes for me.  Please forgive me of my sins - my wrong choices, and come into my heart. I do want to know you personally and have eternal life.  Please take control of every detail of my future.  Teach me your ways and your will for me. Amen."- Romans 10:9, 10; I John 5:3, 4. 

   Now read your Bible when you get home - especially the New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - it will help you and bless you. Read the book of Proverbs and you will have Godly wisdom for your day-to-day life.  Find a good church to attend... and know that you are loved by God and He will watch out over you to keep you safe in all your ways as you put your trust in Him. 

   God bless you!!! And we hope you have not only a HAPPY NEW YEAR, BUT A HAPPY FOREVER TOO!!! 


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