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  This is MY Story THIS IS my SONG! ALL DAY LONG!


The Master said, "GO! The night's spent. Arise!"

The world lies in darkness, their sin testifies
Shout till the rafters ring back from the skies,
"Get busy, God's children. EVANGELIZE!"

Adam's race, ruined, and desolate lies.
The time for Christ's coming alarmingly flies.
Creation's travail we but faintly surmise.
There's work for God's children: EVANGELIZE!

GO! Plant and water; win souls, O ye wise.
God gives the increase; He'll vitalize.
Spread love, joy, and peace. Their fears exorcise.
Fear not, little flock; EVANGELIZE!

They're wounded and bleeding. O don't criticize.
We're interns for Jesus; their souls cauterize.
Their minds have been blinded by the father of lies
You're lights, ye, God's children: EVANGELIZE!

Be ready and watching; the Word publicize,
To tell of redemption, how God justifies.
Be patient, long-suffering; the erring advise.
Store treasure in heaven: EVANGELIZE!

Obey your Lord's calling; your work systemize.
Forgetting the past, press on toward the prize.
You've given up all without compromise;
Preach Christ, dead and risen. EVANGELIZE!

Exhort with compassion; with your cal comply-
ln the valley of decision the multitude lies.
They're doomed; we must tell them; they can't realize.
To God reconcile them; EVANGELIZE!

There's work in the vineyard. Your ranks mobilize.
In war or in peacetime, the news publicize.
Your needs, by Christ Jesus, God always supplies;
He'll never forsake you. EVANGELIZE!

The spoil's to the strong, the Word signifies.
They'll mock and mistreat you; our Christ they'll deride.
But the peace in your heart with new courage supplies.
He knows every sorrow. EVANGELIZE!

Just tell the old story of Christ crucified:
How the blood of atonement the law satisfies
How by simple believing on Christ justifies.
The savior stands knocking. EVANGELIZE!

They're groping in darkness; their plight don't despise.
Speak lovingly to them; their plight don't despise.
Speak lovingly to them; their doubts analyze.
What if they abuse you, your mission despise?
They did so to Jesus. EVANGELIZE!

Sow beside all waters with tears in your eyes.
The seed that is planted, the Lord  fructifies
Some falls on the barren, and some multiplies.
Endure like good soldiers; EVANGELIZE!

Build on the foundation Christ glorifies;
Gold, silver, and jewels, all else this belies.
Show fruits of the Spirit; your faith don't capsize.
Keep looking to Jesus; EVANGELIZE!

To love of the Saviour, by grace, qualifies
To persuade the lost sinner his choice to revise.
Untie their strong fetters. Their hearts solemnize.
Our captain commands us: EVANGELIZE!

In tract distribution, there's a field of great size,
The vast whosoever that in gross darkness lies.
Tracts have proved instrumental through scores of replies.
Send for them, and give them. EVANGELIZE!

The good they are doing, we won't minimize;
The welfare of sinners we may jeopardize.
It might be the answer to some mother's heartcries
For her boy in the service. EVANGELIZE!

Since Christ's resurrection with clarion cries,
First, handwriting, now leaflets, to all clarifies
How the blood of atonement by faith purifies
The chiefest of sinners. EVANGELIZE!

In suitable weather, street meetings devise,
By singing and preaching in apostolic guise.
There are some who will listen, and some think they're wise.
We, too, were in darkness. EVANGELIZE!

Ring out the glad tidings; for love the world dies.
Tell how the good Shepherd their shackles unties.
He pleads, with compassion; his pain visualize.
He chose you for service. EVANGELIZE!

We're pilgrims and strangers until our demise.
Our home is in heaven where Jesus resides.
His pure love constrains us; we're sad otherwise.
Our course we must finish: EVANGELIZE!

This poem was written by a converted Jew ,who since 1938, when he was
saved, has distributed millions of tracts and Scriptures to Gentiles, as
well as thousands to Jews and to Spanish-speaking people in many hundred
of towns and cities. He has engaged many thousands to church meetings in
various denominations, for the benefit of sending free tracts in many
different languages and dialects to foreign missionaries, native
workers, and mission boards through many Scripture tract societies.
Harry Rosenblum, Pilgram Tract Society
Yours and HIS "Feet" in Africa,

©2007 Sondra Berry Young Ministries
P.O. Box 92802• Pasadena, California 91109
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