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Street Evangelism in South Africa
Street Ministry in the Early Golden Years in the City of Gold, Johannesburg,  South Africa.

Peter preaching the Gospel streets of Joberg

Peter publicly declaring the Lordship of Christ

Peter preaching the Word with Boldness

Peter leading people to Christ

Peter praying for people to be delivered
and then filled with the Holy Spirit

Praying for God's Blessing on the people

Distributing Gospel tracts in many
different languages

A Harvest for JESUS caught by the street team

Ted McHugh and Nossi Joberg

Ted preaching in English while Nosis
interrupts in Zulu and Xhosa

Ted & Nossi preaching the Gospel

Ted and Nosis join hands on lookers to pray God's
 Blessing and Protection on their lives

William preaching at the cross of JESUS

Nosis praying with woman to receive Christ

William preaching the Cross and JESUS

William praying for the people

William BOLDLY preaching and declaring the Gospel

William preaching the Gospel to the people

William leading people to Christ
and praying for them

Victor delivering a powerful message with Jonas

Victor BOLDLY declaring the Gospel

Victor and Jonas leading new converts to JESUS

Victor and Jonas praying with the people

Jonas leads in prayer with Victor

Zulu children sing and dance on the street
    to entertain and make money

Zulu children find JESUS!

Victory for JESUS and the Zulu Children

Praying God's Blessing on the kids

All SMILES for new JOY found in JESUS!

Sondra leading guys to JESUS

Click HERE for story about young girl and Sondra

Felicia and Anna one on one sharing

Felicia witnessing

Felicia sharing gospel tract with a young man

Sondra leading a young Zulu man to JESUS!
  (throw your arms around and capture them for JESUS!)

New Coverts filling out follow-up form

John Delaney and Nossi
ministering to young convert

Street team guys praying and ministering to
an elderly woman

Guidelines for Street Witnessing
Click HERE

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